Amica Insurance

The Amica Mutual Insurance Company is the oldest mutual insurer of automobiles in the United States. Although the Amica payment processing center was automated to a certain degree, exception payments posed a particular challenge and required manual handling. This manual handling was time consuming, provided opportunity for errors, and delayed payment deposits.

Mavro worked with the Amica staff to fully evaluate existing procedures and thoroughly understand overall goals. As a result, Mavro recommended an end-to-end system that included Mavro software as well as Opex scanners with integrated extractors. With Mavro’s One-Touch Processing and Smart Batching™ technologies, exceptions now need to be handled only once – when they are extracted and scanned – and complicated hand sorting and paper shuffling are no longer required.

Using the new streamlined process, Amica now consistently meets daily processing goals. They have completely eliminated the labor costs involved with presorting exceptions and with manually transporting transactions between departments. Faster exception processing means that Amica is better meeting their customer service level goals, and the Mavro system’s Image Cash Letter (ICL) electronic deposit functionality accelerates deposits.

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What Amica Insurance is Saying

“There is no doubt that Mavro has an exceptional software product, but what clearly differentiates them is their outstanding client service.”