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Remittance Processing

Streamline Remittance Processing with Image-based Automation

Efficient remittance processing helps to improve cash flow, customer service and cost-savings. Our MavBridge™ software provides a complete solution that offers the features and flexibility to simplify your remittance process workflow. Integrate advanced imaging, data recognition and electronic deposit technologies with the most powerful remittance processing solution.

No Presorting Necessary

Save extraneous document prep by extracting and scanning intermixed clean and exception transactions with One-Touch Processing. Advanced recognition and Smart Batching™ allow the system to automatically route each transaction type and appropriately process payments via an image-based workflow.

  • Significant labor and cost savings by eliminating presorting, manual check perfing and cumbersome keying procedures.
  • Easily evaluate operator performance, assign resources and avoid problems with real-time remittance processing system monitoring.

Need Data Validation?

While data capture capability is key, the data enrichment process of remittance documents is equally important. What sets MavBridge™ apart are the numerous ways it validates data. Strong data validation, accuracy and control are the underpinnings of an efficient remittance processing service.

  • Static validation, such as character counts, permitted value lists, checksums and regular expressions are standard and fully configurable without custom coding.
  • Dynamic validation using files, MICR database tables and database stored procedures.
  • Web services and API tools can be easily configured without any custom code.

It’s All About Access

Our Connect™ Web Portal gives advanced search options to quickly find transactions. Checks and payment document images are easily accessible across the enterprise based on your permissions.

  • Customizable reports and PDF document creation makes Connect Web Portal more than your average archive.
  • Flexible web exceptions workflow allows external departments or customers to access flagged transactions.
  • Connects branch capture activity to your central processing facility.

Security is Paramount

Ensure customer privacy and support regulatory compliance with automatic end-to-end encryption of all confidential remittance data. Automatic or selective redaction of check, credit card or other sensitive customer information; along with audit logs and active directory integration provide the features to protect client data and avoid the difficulties associated with a data breach.

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