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About Us

Dedicated to Digitizing Mail and Optimizing Workflow

What We Do?

Established is 2007, Mavro Imaging is a software development and professional services company dedicated to enhancing the efficiency of our customers’ remittance, forms and claims processes. We are passionate about automation and deliver document processing solutions that increase data access across organizations.

As the One-Touch Processing experts, we help companies reduce manual labor, achieve newfound value and rapid return on investment by streamlining workflows. Our software gives organizations all of sizes the flexibility to navigate their digital transformation with confidence.


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One-Touch Processing eliminates manual presorting and physical movement of documents for unparalleled efficiency.

is Key

We work to fully understand your pain points. Together, the Mavro/Customer team builds the project plan.

Dedicated to Development

We add hundreds of new features and functions each year. Under our support agreements, upgrades are always free.

of Support

Our integrity is embedded in our support response averaging just 1.4 minutes with most issues resolved in under an hour.

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Our flagship platform was purpose-built by our in-house Engineering Team to address document processing pitfalls. MavBridge is the core of the system that connects modules to create one seamless solutions configured for your business rules.

We give scalability to ensure a right-fit solution that serves customers well into the future, whether you process hundreds up to 1,000,000 pieces per day. MavBridge makes automating mail across the enterprise easy.


Mavro Imaging is a privately held company headquartered in New Jersey serving customers across the United States and Canada.

Our mission is for customers to set the highest expectations for Mavro, and exceed them in every way.

100% Customer Retention Speaks For Itself

Many convert to Mavro and not a single one has ever left.

Our Name

Many of our customers are fascinated by our name. They wonder if the company was named after an individual or if Mavro is an acronym. In reality, our name is simply a play on the word “maverick.” Mavro associates are all true mavericks who don’t know the meaning of 9-to-5, who can’t grasp the concept of “just good enough,” and who never assume that the most common solution is the best solution.

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