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One-Touch Processing

Unlock your operation's potential with an easier approach to save time and money.

Traditional processing requires numerous staff and multiple touches. They stamp receive dates, order pages, insert separators, add batch headers and more. All of these prep tasks are fundamentally non-value-added. They satisfy the needs of the scanner, not your company, and they cost considerable time and labor.

When it comes to remittance processing, payments with just a single check and coupon — clean transactions — are routine for most operations. However, the struggle to deal with “exceptions” is an ongoing headache. Typically, multiple hand operations are needed to open, prepare, sort and batch less uniform work.

The Problem with Traditional Processing:
Do the Math


A worker performs opening and document prep at roughly 600 pages / hour


A production scanner feeds at 200 pages / minute. Therefore, the scanner consumes that hour of labor in about three minutes.


You would need 20 workers to keep that scanner running for just one hour.

One-Touch Processing is Efficiency Made Easy

Utilizing Mavro software with an OPEX scanner, operators simply open the envelope, drop and scan the contents. Eliminating traditional document prep, Mavro’s One-Touch Processing solution does all the work to automatically establish transaction boundaries and enables the processing of an unlimited mixture of documents in a single image-based workflow.

  • Create a leaner approach

One-Touch Processing eliminates preparation time plus post-scanning and rescanning efforts.


  • Eliminate risk from paper movement

One-Touch Processing is safer because paper is made into images immediately. This means that paper is no longer passed around from person-to-person and department-to-department. Additionally, images are secured with encryption during scanning, eliminating privacy and security concerns.


  • Process more work with fewer staff

One-Touch Processing allows you to process 50% more and repurpose staff to do more value-added activities.

Automate Your Documents

No matter what type of documents you need to process, pairing Mavro’s One-Touch Processing solution with your OPEX scanner allows you to drive improved efficiency, accuracy and control.

Mavro Does the Rest

One-Touch Processing allows operators to scan work as it comes in. Our MavBridge™ software takes this unstructured stream and reorients the documents, recognizes the images and uses Smart Batching™ to process each piece appropriately in an image-based workflow. With the power to automate the handling of even the most difficult exceptions, companies see significant benefits.

  • Dramatic reduction in labor costs.
  • Reduced processing time.
  • Increased transaction integrity.

One-Touch Processing FAQs

What is One-Touch Processing?

One-Touch Processing is touching paper once to extract the documents from an envelope, but not again throughout the entire scanning and workflow process. This process eliminates the manual labor required to prepare documents for scanning including sorting, reorienting, counting, date stamping and adding separator sheets. Additionally, during scanning, the operator maximizes their throughput by avoiding tedious, non-valued added steps to interact with the scanner such as identifying, classifying or rejecting documents.

How are document prep steps reduced down to One-Touch?

Scanner operators are not bound to up-front, manual work to feed scanners structured batches of documents. Instead of devoting resources to this multi-touch method, all they have to do is drop items for scanning. Mavro software recognizes each document type among this intermixed stream and automates processing according to your business rules.

Are One-Touch Scanning and One-Touch Processing the same thing?

No, One-Touch Scanning with OPEX scanners just starts the process. Other vendors may require limited sorting and configuration of multiple jobs to select on the scanner. No other provider delivers true One-Touching Processing like Mavro Imaging. Our experience in remittance and document processing is unmatched, as is our familiarity and history with OPEX production scanners. Together, we extend One-Touch Processing beyond the scanner to include items from other electronic sources for a comprehensive, enterprise-level solution.

In real terms, what benefits can One-Touch Processing offer my organization?

In your current process, do you have many steps required for document prep? Do you receive a mix of documents and payments including cash? Do you have specific documents that are required to be returned to your customers? Considering these factors along with all of your company’s volume and current labor will deliver a meaningful ROI. On average, Mavro customers see between up to 65% reduction in labor costs. Combining lower costs with higher capacity, and the flexibility Mavro provides makes the change to One-Touch Processing critically important for your mail handling.

What about organizations who no longer have staff in a traditional office setting?

Your mail is still arriving in a common location and requires some physical interaction on-premise. Mavro can help minimize the labor resources required for the initial capture of the envelope and its contents. From there, all remaining workers can be deployed anywhere.

Mavro technology is such that One-Touch Processing can be configured and supported remotely. We have perfected remote delivery and have customers of many different industry segments, volumes and complexity with successful installations throughout the pandemic. We’ve also seen many long-time Mavro users pivot to remote work themselves. One-Touch Processing is what helps Mavro and our customers achieve efficient yet flexible operations.

If your operation relies on manual steps or if you are using an outdated system, contact us to discuss One-Touch Processing.

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