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A Better & Faster Way to Process Mail

SSFCU says goodbye to time-consuming and inefficient physical mail distribution


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3,000+ pieces of mail per day


Mail Services

“We are always looking for ways to do things better, simpler and faster. Taking our mailroom digital with Mavro was a no-brainer. Mavro delivered every step of the way.”

Jessica Jordan

Corporate Services Manager

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The Challenge:

Manually sorting and physically distributing incoming mail was time-consuming and costly for Security Service Federal Credit Union (SSFCU), with 26 departments in 70+ locations in three states. The company was spending $48K per year on courier services for interoffice mail distribution and $30K per year on repository retention services. A partially remote workforce added another layer of complexity, with 40% of employees working from home. Physical “snail mail” distribution was no longer working. It simply had too many deficiencies.

Our Solution:

The MavBridge™ digital mailroom solution was implemented with an OPEX scanner to electronically scan, route and track incoming mail. Physical mail is no longer shuffled between campuses or branches, and departments no longer have to scan their own mail for repository retention.

A key selling point for the Mavro solution was its fully customizable workflows. “If the solution wasn’t customizable to our workflows, we would have an uphill battle and difficulty getting buy-in and user adoption,” said Jessica Jordan, Corporate Services Manager.

An expert team from Mavro supported the entire implementation, from executive buy-in and discovery to testing and production. Mavro provided training and support for the first several phases, after which the SSFCU team became 100% self-sufficient.

SSFCU also uses MavBridge with an additional OPEX scanner for its remittance processing.

  • $770K+ Cost Savings

    The estimated cost reduction over three years includes departmental labor, courier services and offsite document storage
  • Time & Labor Savings

    Each department saves an average of 15 hours per week sorting and distributing physical mail
  • Increased Customer Satisfaction

    Mailed member checks are now processed 2-3 days faster and posted to accounts sooner
  • Security & Control

    Once mail is scanned, an electronic audit trail is now available to track what mail was routed where, who received and opened it, and if it was re-routed
Download Success Story

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