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Whether you provide basic services to a community or consolidated utilities to millions, timely, accurate and cost-efficient payment processing is essential to your company’s success.

Large volumes of clean, single payments must be processed quickly. At the same time, exception payments – multiple checks, multiple coupons, summary bills, correspondence, and more – must be processed efficiently. Strong system monitoring is required, and careful tracking of paper batches is essential.

Mavro Makes it Easy

High-speed extractors and/or scanners coupled with automatic recognition capabilities and efficient keying routines make short work of payments, identifying correspondence and return mail or change of address updates.

One-Touch Processing

This processing feature eliminates the labor-intensive hand sorting frequently associated with different payment types or exceptions. Traditional exceptions can be extracted and scanned intermixed, with no need for complicated hand presorting thanks to our One-Touch Processing and Smart Batching™ technologies.

Dashboard Visibility & Tracking

Our Dashboard software lets managers monitor every aspect of the system in real time, spotting any potential backups and reassigning resources before a problem develops. Quickly detect backlogs and shift resources as needed to achieve your processing targets. Smart Track cradle-to-grave tracking alleviates worries about batches being lost or destroyed without being properly processed.

Data Security is Paramount

Ensure customer privacy and support regulatory compliance with automatic end to end encryption of all confidential site data. Automatic or selective redaction of check, credit card or other sensitive customer information; along with audit logs and active directory integration provide the features to protect client data and avoid the difficulties associated with a data breach.

Increase Funds Availability

Image Cash Letter (ICL) and ACH electronic deposit capabilities eliminate the time and expense of transporting paper checks to the bank.

Supports Emergency Planning

Our cloud-ready software can be deployed wherever you require to support disaster recovery, pandemic remote capture and home-keying, or other multi-site requirements to best support your business.

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