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Save Cost While Supporting Remote Workers

By enabling remote processing, Con Edison overcomes pandemic obstacles


Gas & Electric Utility


900,000 checks per month


Payments, agreements, correspondence and taking on more work

“Mavro supports remote access which has been vital in this pandemic. We’re realizing the enormous potential beyond check processing and have a partner invested in our success.”

Frank D'Amadeo

Director of Treasury Operations

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The Challenge:

Since previously replacing a legacy system with a Mavro solution, Con Edison achieved its primary goals of efficiency and return on investment. But, could they leverage their new system amid the pandemic? Quickly enabling a remote workforce was essential, as was accurate monitoring and limiting document touches.

Our Solution:

Because the system is so flexible, Con Edison set up remote access by itself and leveraged Mavro’s Dashboard to monitor employee performance. They split into two teams, one working at the lockbox scanning payments, and the other working remotely. Dashboard eliminated the idea that all management had to be done on-site.

One-Touch Processing limits cost and risk by reducing the physical touches of the same piece of paper. With the added efficiency of remote processing, Con Edison took on more work to assist other departments with correspondence and billing agreements. This minimizes document circulation throughout the organization and prevents infection risk.

  • 75% Less Hardware

    Mavro reduced an inefficient 12-server architecture requiring risky manual upgrades down to three servers with easy, automated updates.
  • 50% Lower Labor Costs

    Previously requiring 24 people, Con Edison reduced required staff by half and freed them up to address more value-added activities.
  • Minimized Document Circulation

    Increasing automation keeps documents from moving between people and departments, adding to health, safety and remote worker productivity.
  • Increase Organizational Value

    With the added security and capacity of remote processing, Con Edison assists accounts payable and customer service with correspondence and customer agreements.
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