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Remittance Processing Solutions for Remote Employees

Amid the pandemic, NorthWestern Energy was able to pivot toward progress


Utility – Electric and Gas


200,000 transactions per month


Check payments and return mail

“Due to COVID this project was implemented remotely. Mavro received 10’s across all our vendor grading criteria. Their solution and support are outstanding.”

Monique Lappin

Customer Care Supervisor

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The Challenge:

NorthWestern Energy (NWE) adopted OPEX scanning for improved throughput but had integration issues with their incumbent provider. They knew many industry peers had successfully migrated to Mavro and sought the optimal pairing. They decided to proceed with a conversion, then they were further challenged when COVID-19 hit full force.

Our Solution:

An inherently more efficient utility remittance processing system including a return mail module that maximized the use of their OPEX Falcon™ series scanner. The added value from Mavro’s One-Touch Processing cost-justified the solution, but the full capability became clear once shutdowns left converting remotely as the only option.

All implementation steps (configuration, training, testing, acceptance, go-live) were conducted completely remote. The NWE and Mavro teams collaborated to overcome issues around physical access to mail. Now NWE can minimize time on-site for all capture and distribute return mail work to remote staff for added safety going forward.

  • Effective Remote Implementation

    Without access to the customer site, Mavro resources implemented the entire conversion remotely using our IPEC project methodology.
  • Return Mail Processing

    Mavro was leveraged into an enterprise solution allowing users across the organization to complete return mail research from the payment processing system.
  • Minimal Touches, Maximum Optimization

    Mavro’s unique One-Touch Process maximizes efficiency and automates mail preparation while increasing security and safety of documents handled.
  • Platform for Growth

    Combining a flexible workflow and unlimited key station licenses, there is great potential for extending digital mailroom capture and electronic payment integration.
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