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The Fix for Remittance Processing Fluctuations

With a maxed out manual operation, the Arbor Day Foundation asked the experts.




Varies widely from 8,000 to 100,000 transactions per day


Check, credit card and cash payments for 45 programs with complex coupons containing member and campaign information

"Mavro's Smart Batching™ technology is key to our success. It lets us prioritize our processing to get the maximum impact from our most generous donors."

Dan Hoien

Member Services Supervisor

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The Challenge:

Volatility of daily volumes made personnel management a major problem. The manual system for opening, categorizing and sorting incoming mail, extracting payment and donor information from the documents, and entering it into donor databases was too labor-intensive to keep up.

Our Solution:

A flexible, automated remittance processing system with 60% fewer steps. Three OPEX scanners extract and scan all incoming mail regardless of daily fluctuations and without any pre-sorting. Mavro’s Smart Batching™ technology recognizes payment types and routes transactions for appropriate processing.

Image-based workflows mean paper documents don’t have to be transported between departments, make for easy archiving and save physical storage. Cradle-to-grave tracking gives full visibility of transactions and real-time monitoring ensures even the highest volumes are processed with ease.

  • Flexibility Overcomes Fluctuation

    With peak volume 12 times their average and a complicated payment stream, Mavro designed the system to meet these unique challenges.
  • 90% Less Manual Handling

    Automation made for predictable personnel requirements, greatly reducing the need for temporary staff to handle high daily volumes.
  • No Substitute for Experience

    Mavro’s expert team suggested adding a 2D barcode to the coupon designs to ensure high read rates despite their complexity.
  • Same Day Electronic Deposits

    Improved fund availability and eliminated physical check deposits. ICL electronic deposit files are ready by the end of each business day.
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