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Integrating An End-to-End Remittance Processing Solution

PSE&G went from patchwork to pristine payment processing


Utility – Electric and Gas


50,000 transactions per day average, 100,000+ on peak days


Mail payments at processing center and 24 remote locations

"With the inherent flexibility of Mavro's software, we were able to optimize each process resulting in one of the most efficient operations in the country."

Pat Naples

Manager Operations

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The Challenge:

Although highly automated, their legacy system was based on older software supplied by multiple vendors that hampered efficiency. Changes were expensive, time-consuming and forced them to adapt processes to system limitations. Lacking security controls also caused compliance issues.

Our Solution:

An extremely flexible end-to-end remittance processing solution based exclusively on the most advanced MavBridge™ software. The streamlined image-based workflow handles all transaction types including singles, multis, check only and correspondence without the need for special exception handling.

Full system encryption, configurable redaction and permission-based access ensure security and compliance across all 25 locations. Managers can monitor productivity, track batches throughout the entire process and easily access transaction archives after deposit using Mavro Connect™.

  • Immediate Return on Investment

    With the vastly improved workflow tailored to their needs, far less rejects and extraneous hardware, the new system paid for itself in under a year.
  • Visibility and Control

    The flexibility of Mavro software means changes can be implemented effectively and efficiently with the highest level of security in place.
  • 75% Reduction in Rejects

    Advanced image enhancement, document classification and transaction repair helped reduce transactions needing review and drastically reduced bank rejects.
  • Smaller Hardware Footprint

    Consolidated server architecture eliminated a roomful of computers resulting in a simplified system with improved availability and reliability.
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