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Need to improve your existing donation processing system or update your entire operation? We give you the efficiency to strengthen donor relationships.

Nonprofit businesses need to process donations in the form of checks, credit cards and cash in addition to capturing diverse information – prayer requests, gifts, book subscriptions, address changes, etc. – from various documents. To make it more challenging, processing is further complicated by ever-changing project codes and inconsistent scan lines.

One-Touch Processing

The Mavro system can automatically identify the many different payment types frequently seen in a nonprofit environment, route them to the appropriate image-based workflow for rapid processing and interface with any of the donor tracking systems commonly used by nonprofits.

Smart Batching

Smart Batching™ technology eliminates extensive pre-sorting procedures that is the major hurdle for many nonprofit operations. All transaction types are scanned together into a single batch, and after classification, get processed appropriately via an image-based workflow. Clean transactions can be accelerated, while exceptions are routed for additional processing, either before or after funds are deposited.

Unique Capability

Import data from a variety of other systems for flexible data validation and powerful lookups. Then easily pass extracted data downstream to any accounting system or donor database.

Our Expertise, Your Efficiency

Mavro can provide document design advice, often suggesting simple changes that yield big efficiency gains. Using our Image Studio, we can set up each document type within the system for reliable recognition and processing.

Data Security is Paramount

Ensure customer privacy and support regulatory compliance with automatic end to end encryption of all confidential site data. Automatic or selective redaction of check, credit card or other sensitive customer information; along with audit logs and active directory integration provide the features to protect client data and avoid the difficulties associated with a data breach.

Supports Emergency Planning

Our cloud-ready software can be deployed wherever you require to support disaster recovery, pandemic remote capture and home-keying, or other multi-site requirements to best support your business.

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