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Remittance Processing Software Improves Operations

Harlequin’s remittance system now delivers the versatility and transparency they need


Publishing Fulfillment


Averages 8,000 to 10,000 pieces per day, with peaks up to 25,000


Variety of transaction combinations including payments, orders, finder forms, bonus and contest stubs

"With our old solution, I had been beaten down by poor service. Mavro's quick response is just so refreshing and their support is simply outstanding."

Joe Hedemann

Senior Supervisor, Customer Service & Image Processing

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The Challenge:

To handle the variability, Harlequin’s existing system required time-consuming manual sorting into more than 20 categories. Management needed monitoring capability to spot issues early on and improve overall performance. They also wanted Customer Service to have easy access to transaction images and avoid couriering checks to the bank for deposit.

Our Solution:

The new system includes three OPEX AS7200i scanners coupled with Mavro remittance processing software. Two existing Kodak scanners are used during peak periods. Now with One-Touch Processing and Smart Batching, transactions are handled only once. MavBridge’s Dashboard gives robust real-time monitoring to maintain performance.

Beyond labor cost savings, the streamlined system provides Customer Service better access to document images via the Connect™ Web Portal so they can help people while fielding questions. And Mavro’s electronic deposit capabilities have eliminated transporting physical checks to banks in both the U.S. and Canada.

  • Eliminated High-Cost Hand Sorting

    Operators simply open and scan transactions. Now image-based quick review classification and Smart Batching give greater efficiency and reduced cost.
  • 20/20 Vision in Real-Time

    Dashboard monitors all aspects of the system for performance analytics to address issues early, assign resources as needed and accurately gauge metrics.
  • Connect™ Boosts Customer Service

    Instead of lengthy research and follow-ups, easy access to transactions means reps can find answers faster and resolve issues on the first call.
  • Increased Funds Availability

    Image Cash Letter (ICL) allows electronic U.S. deposits. Mavro also paved the way for electronic deposit in Canada to speed funds transfer and eliminate couriers.
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