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Banking & Financial

MavBridge™ is loaded with features specifically built for financial institutions that make for increased efficiency and compelling ROI.

The financial industry is faced with unique challenges, such as high variability in payment types and associated documents. And, lockbox clients require an easily accessible portal to monitor daily results and the ability download data.

Features & Flexibility

Extract and scan intermixed clean and exception transactions without the need for presorting with One-Touch Processing, advanced recognition and Smart Batching™ technologies. The system will automatically recognize each transaction type and use Smart Batching to process each transaction appropriately in an image-based workflow. Seamlessly integrate both wholesale and retail lockbox processing in a single platform.

Smart Track™ Processing

Our patented Smart Track™ software ensures all transactions are processed on time and all physical documents are stored and shredded as scheduled. In lockbox operations, Smart Track simplifies the mailout process so clients receive a complete package of reports and transactions and nothing is sent to the wrong client. Insert preprinted address forms directly into windowed envelopes to eliminate the mistakes associated with using peel and stick labels. Benefit from significant processing quality increases and minimize the chance of a PCI or HIPAA violation.

All About Access

Mavro’s Connect™ Web Portal lets operators view reports and stored transactions from any time period using either basic or advanced search. Lockbox clients have quick access via web browser to view stored data and receive downloads. This lets you easily submit pre-deposit exception transactions when additional information is required to make a processing decision. Clients can then view the exceptions and supply any needed information.

Data Security is Paramount

Ensure customer privacy and support regulatory compliance with automatic end to end encryption of all confidential site data. Automatic or selective redaction of check, credit card or other sensitive customer information; along with audit logs and active directory integration provide the features to protect client data and avoid the difficulties associated with a data breach.

Dashboard Visibility & Tracking

Managers can monitor the overall system performance and get the specific information needed to effectively handle daily fluctuations.

Supports Emergency Planning

Our cloud-ready software can be deployed wherever you require to support disaster recovery, pandemic remote capture and home-keying, or other multi-site requirements to best support your business.

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