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New Efficiency Powers Lockbox Processing

ResourceOne’s complex manual processing was hampering their trajectory


Direct Communications Services for Nonprofits


Average 30,000 transactions per day


Marketing documents from client campaigns, intricate donation allocations and fulfillment requests

"The system is so reliable and easy to use, that we rarely call support. But when we do, I’m always impressed with the Mavro Support Team's ability to quickly solve any problem."

Gerald Barbee

IT Manager

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The Challenge:

Accommodating their range of clients was a complex, mostly manual processing operation. Mail was opened by hand, heavy keying from paper to the donor management system was prone to errors requiring time-consuming quality assurance, and deposits were hand-carried to the bank.

Our Solution:

A fully-automated system that seamlessly interfaces with ResourceOne’s donor database. Transactions are handled only once when extracted and scanned into an image-based workflow that eliminates the need for keying from paper and the extensive data validation steps to support lockbox processing.

Mavro’s dashboard lets managers monitor performance in real-time to adjust accordingly, and thanks to their new efficiency, Image Cash Letter (ICL) functionality allows for same-day electronic bank deposits.

  • 4X Increased Capacity

    Increased efficiency means volume could quadruple without increasing costs, well positioning ResourceOne for growth.
  • Superior Data Integrity

    Mavro software passes far more accurate data to the donor management system than paper-based keying for faster fulfillment.
  • Over 90% Same Day Deposits

    Increased processing speed means most donations get deposited same day to optimize funds availability and boost client satisfaction.
  • Exceeding ROI Targets

    Cost-benefit analysis was the deciding factor in implementing a new system to fuel expansion; Mavro stepped in and beat expectations.
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