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Automating Claims Processing Boosts Productivity

Save labor and time to process insurance claims while increasing efficiency




50,000 dental insurance claims daily


Forms, supporting documentation and patient X-rays

"We have done business with OPEX for many years. When they approached us with the Mavro solution, I saw the potential benefits right away."

Francoise Thimon

Manager of Consolidated Mail Services

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The Challenge:

Manually sorting and processing claims involved multiple steps for sequencing, verification and adding barcode labels. Scanning smaller documents meant taping them onto carrier sheets and inserting separator sheets to define transaction breaks. High-resolution film X-rays were handled by a separate scanning process which caused high labor costs and sacrificed speed.

Our Solution:

One-Touch scanning lets operators pull contents from envelopes and drop them directly onto the scanner rollers. For X-ray film, a light table was added beneath a Canon SLR high-resolution camera. A Mavro-developed companion application images the X-ray and includes it for automated claim processing.

Mavro Smart Batching automatically classifies every transaction into a category based on its content. The system then routes transactions through the appropriate image-based workflow as if they had been physically sorted.

  • Labor and Time Saving

    Extended hours are no longer spent classifying and sorting paperwork. The significant cost savings made for a rapid ROI
  • Accuracy

    Fewer physical touches leaves less room for error. Mavro Smart Batching™ lets Dentegra now operate at 99.5% accuracy
  • Employee Satisfaction

    Eliminating manual sorting lets staff focus on value-added tasks and provides ergonomic benefits that boost productivity.
  • Productivity Tracking

    Mavro’s dashboard gives Managers real-time visibility of Operator scanning and batching productivity in extensive detail.
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