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Eliminate tedious tasks and optimize your operation for faster order processing that increases customer satisfaction.

Fulfillment operations receive an array of payment and form types including marketing campaign materials such as subscriptions, premium redemptions and surveys. The need to capture this data and consistently react to it when processing payments can result in a fractured, labor-intensive process.

Work Smarter with Smart Batching™

Eliminate tedious hand sort by allowing remittance payments for different types of orders to be scanned together. The software takes this unstructured stream, recognizes document images in each transaction, and appropriately processes them via an image-based workflow. Properly balanced payments are directly routed to your order entry and accounting systems. Exception payments, such as those with handwritten requests, can be routed to an operator.

Move Ahead with Advanced Recognition

Identify different document and campaign types, then locate and extract critical information such as customer account numbers, quantities and order numbers. For survey-type documents, our Image Studio makes it easy to automatically recognize a survey and extract data.

Ensure Customer Privacy

Secure customer data and support PCI compliance with automatic encryption of all confidential site data, automatic or selective redaction of checks, credit cards and other sensitive customer information, a full audit log and automatic encryption of all confidential site data.

Supports Emergency Planning

Our cloud-ready software can be deployed wherever you require to support disaster recovery, pandemic remote capture and home-keying, or other multi-site requirements to best support your business.

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