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Achieve new efficiency at any scale with the built-in flexibility to reliably handle the range of documents and payments received.

Government operations see a variety of documents returned with payments. Property tax bills, collection invoices, parking tickets, correspondence and other forms require effective processing. This means recognizing and classifying, while efficiently extracting, the required information from each document.

Our Expertise, Your Efficiency

We provide document design advice, often suggesting simple changes that yield big efficiency gains. Next, we design and implement an integrated payment processing system combining the most capable extractors and/or scanners and the MavBridge Software Suite. Then, using our Image Studio, we set up each document type within the system for reliable recognition and processing.

Overcoming Challenges

Government operations have complex business rules that must be easily configurable to ensure accurate payment processing and transaction validation. These business rules can include challenging penalty fee calculations, overpayment return rules and multiple department payment split scenarios. Mavro accommodates all these needs without the use of custom code.

Flexibility is Mandatory

Government entities require exceptional flexibility in their payment processing systems, and we deliver the expertise, software and systems to meet your needs at any scale. Read our success stories to see how we help government agencies achieve new efficiency.

Supports Emergency Planning

Our cloud-ready software can be deployed wherever you require to support disaster recovery, pandemic remote capture and home-keying, or other multi-site requirements to best support your business.

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