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Document Imaging a Century Worth of Medical Records

An efficient imaging solution helps Phoenix Data digitize military medical records scattered around the world




200,000+ Medical Records


Medical records, forms, reports, supporting documentation, X-rays and various types of media stored in individual folders

"We invested in Mavro and OPEX to create a strategic advantage for our clients. Being honored as a CIO 100 Award winner confirms we made the right choice."

Carol Curran


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The Challenge:

Manually sorting and processing overseas medical records from the 1920’s to the present day. The multiple steps and processes involved for sequencing, classification, verification and preparing the wide variety of document types including X-rays was extremely costly and sacrificed speed.

Our Solution:

Combining Mavro document imaging software and OPEX scanners to create an efficient, secure and accurate capture platform to convert paper records. All folder contents of different paper sizes, colors, brittle and damaged documents, and X-ray film are scanned on the OPEX Falcon® with an integrated light table and high-resolution camera.

The Mavro solution processes all scanned records as a single process. It then provides indexing, classification and full-page recognition to deliver searchable PDF/A and XML metadata files stored in the Mavro Connect™ Web Portal. End-to-end encryption secures data from the moment of image capture.

  • Labor and Time Savings

    Extended hours are no longer spent classifying and sorting paperwork. The significant cost savings made for a rapid ROI.
  • 99.5% Accuracy

    Fewer physical touches and manual functions leave less room for error. Smart Batching™ helps Phoenix Data operate with tremendous accuracy.
  • Productivity Tracking

    Mavro’s Dashboard gives managers real-time visibility of operator scanning, batch tracking and productivity statistics in incredible detail.
  • Increased Employee Satisfaction

    Eliminating manual sorting lets staff focus on value-added tasks and provides ergonomic benefits that boost productivity.
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