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Mavro’s OPEX Integration fuels Digital Transformation

Mavro shows how their automation expertise drives One-Touch solutions beyond the scanner.


Banking, Financial and Insurance


30,000 pages / day plus multiple fax and email imports


Dental, medical and disability insurance claims including X-rays and attachments

“OPEX scanners give tremendous capability, and integrating with Mavro’s One-Touch Processing allows for true end-to-end workflow automation.”

Bo Minogue

EVP Business Development

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The Challenge:

The complex processing of different insurance claim forms including X-rays, and integrating that data with email attachments from multiple inboxes and fax lines, was beyond Lincoln Financial Group’s capability. This meant costly outsourcing to complete the necessary data processing.

Our Solution:

Mavro’s One-Touch Processing software integrated with OPEX Falcon™+RED scanners and secondary X-ray imaging to bring work in-house for greater control, streamlined workflow and improved cost-efficiency. This site is now directly connected to the enterprise for improved data continuity.

With a completely remote system installation, Mavro was able to ready this new location despite pandemic challenges. It is now setup with virtual servers to automate forms classification and full-page OCR. Processing volume is growing as other departments seek to automate additional form types.

  • Eliminate Repetitive Manual Tasks

    Real One-Touch Processing means documents are handled only when scanning, then the system identifies type and creates virtual batches.
  • Increased Visibility and Control

    Mavro dashboards give real-time reporting on system performance and operator efficiency across multiple sites to catch bottlenecks early.
  • Integration, Efficiency and Cost-Savings

    Requiring minimal in-office resources and eliminating exception processes with automation allows for labor optimization and significant ROI.
  • Value Extends to Other Departments

    An efficient data processing solution is primed to take on more work and deliver the benefits of automation to more business units.
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