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Automated Document & Remittance Processing Software Suite

Integrate payment, forms and document processing

Streamline workflows. Increase efficiency. Save money.

MavBridge™ connects documents, data and departments, making automation accessible for any organization - banking and financial institutions, utilities, insurance providers, governments, nonprofits and more. Scalable from hundreds to over a million transactions per day, MavBridge handles all types of documents - electronic or paper, simple or complex.

Features & Benefits:

One-Touch Processing

Eliminates manual steps to increase throughput and cost savings.


Provides real-time visibility of employee productivity and system performance.

Import Images & Data

From any scanner, server, email and electronic transaction files.

ConnectTM Web Portal

Gives secure quick access to your images from anywhere, at any time.

Advanced Automation

Image Enhancement, Recognition Suite and Smart Batching handle difficult items.

Continuous Innovation

Mavro’s dedication to continuous development future-proofs your system.

Smart Track

Physically tracks documents and payments throughout your workflow to eliminate risk.

Free Software Upgrades

Save thousands of dollars and significant time that can be allocated to other projects.

No Custom Code

Easily configured to meet your business requirements without any custom code.

Dedicated Support,
Proven Technology

The expert support of Mavro engineers along with our highly innovative development team is a combination trusted by industry leaders.

"With the inherent flexibility of MavBridge, we were able to optimize each process resulting in one of the most efficient operations in the country."

Pat Naples

Manager Operations

Modular Means Just the Right Fit

MavBridge is the ultimate in efficiency. Choose from an extensive library of modules that are seamlessly connected to create the optimal, automated solution. Sized to fit your exact business needs, minimize cost and maximize ROI, MavBridge is easily configured without custom code.

Increase the Possibilities

As your needs increase and requirements change, MavBridge functionality easily scales with them. The power and flexibility of the software helps you pivot to further enhance efficiency, extend functionality to other departments and enjoy added benefits across the organization.

Let Mavro Help

Working with an outdated solution and fighting 
the inevitable?

Get access to our experts who will assess your operation and outline options. No obligation, no nonsense. Sharing knowledge is the Mavro way.

Help your organization avoid the limitations of paper processing.

Keep up to date with the latest developments from Mavro.