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Say hello to accurate and efficient remittance and document processing with the MavBridge™ software suite.

Designed to streamline operations, increase workflow efficiency and save your organization money, the MavBridge software suite includes all the components necessary to optimize your payment, lockbox, forms and claims processing requirements.

MavBridge connects any scanner, fax, server, email or other content source to any downstream system by delivering images and data in any format.

Built on a fully configurable and customizable framework, MavBridge features include:

  • Easy configuration and addition of modules without any custom code
  • Importing of images and data from a wide variety of sources
  • Exporting of data to virtually any downstream system
  • Built-in configuration options to optimize each installation
  • Maximum flexibility and impressive stability
  • Backed by our responsive support team

MavBridge™ Software Suite

With the power to simplify even the most complex demands, MavBridge makes efficiency easy.

Find out how MavBridge can help your organization avoid the limitations of paper processing.

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