A utilities payment processing environment faces a set of unique hurdles. Large volumes of clean single payments must be processed quickly, and at the same time, a significant number of exception payments, including multiple checks, multiple coupons, summary bills, correspondence, etc., must be processed efficiently. Highly capable system monitoring is required, and careful tracking of paper batches is essential.

A Mavro system can handle these challenges. High-speed extractor/scanners coupled with automatic recognition capabilities and efficient keying routines make short work of clean single payments. Mavro’s “One-Touch” Processing and  Smart Batching™ technologies allow exception payments to be extracted and scanned intermixed, with no need for complicated hand presorting.

With our Dashboard software’s backlog screen, you can quickly detect backlogs and shift resources as needed to achieve your processing targets. Our patent-pending Smart Track™ software provides cradle-to-grave tracking of every batch, eliminating worries about batches being lost or destroyed without being properly processed.

With data security a paramount concern, Mavro’s security features stand out. Automatic or manual redaction of check, credit card, or other sensitive customer information, automatic encryption of all confidential site data, and a full audit log ensure customer privacy and support PCI compliance.

Of course, a Mavro system also includes Image Cash Letter (ICL), and ACH ARC electronic deposit capabilities, eliminating the time and expense of transporting paper checks to the bank and increasing funds availability.

A Mavro system is a true best fit for any utility payment processing operation.

  • ”Exception payments” (multiple checks, multiple coupons, summary bills, correspondence, etc.) that once required extensive hand processing are all handled only once.
  • The MavBridge™ Software Suite includes specialized capabilities – such as easy processing of summary bills or full page business checks, money orders, check only payments, address changes, and stop service priority payments – to address specific industry challenges.
  • CAR/LAR supports automatic reading of check amounts and comparison to suggested payment amounts.
  • Image enhancement eliminates rescans and rejects of money orders and gel pen handwritten documents.
  • Advanced recognition, barcode, and keying capabilities for easy data extraction.
  • Optical Mark Recognition and address change correction with inline validation via Perfect Address.
  • Important correspondence can be captured along with payment images and routed to customer service in parallel with the payment’s processing.
  • A Mavro system can import data from virtually any file, database, scanner, fax, or email and can export data to any downstream file, database, or other system.
  • Flexible audit trail options can be customized as needed.
  • Extensive redaction capabilities, full system data encryption, and comprehensive auditing ensure that customer information is protected and satisfy the most stringent data security needs, including PCI.
  • MavBridge™ Dashboard software provides real-time end-to-end monitoring of all operators and system processes.
  • Complete Image Cash Letter (ICL) and ACH ARC processing and integration.
  • Support for automated processing of ICL, and ACH ARC formatted electronic bank return files.
  • Electronic import of payments via CTX 820.
  • Post-dated Canadian cheque processing.
  • MavBridge Connect™ Web Portal software stores transaction images, transaction data, and reports, making them easily available via any standard web browser. Stored transactions are automatically purged on a customizable schedule.
  • Implementing an image-based, “One-Touch” solution from Mavro eliminates complicated hand pre-sorting operations, saving time and lowering costs.
  • With a system from Mavro, increased efficiency and value plus pricing produce a compelling ROI.
  • Easy access to a full suite of real-time system monitoring tools makes it easy to evaluate operator performance, assign resources, avoid problems, and meet daily deposit deadlines.
  • True client-server architecture built on a .NET framework eliminates the constraints of legacy systems.
  • Output multiple image and data files to any number of downstream systems.
  • Image Cash Letter (ICL) and ACH ARC electronic deposit eliminates the need for transporting physical checks to the bank and speeds funds availability.
  • Automated processing of Image Cash Letter (ICL) and ACH ARC formatted electronic bank return files increases operational efficiency.
  • Security features protect customer data and avoid the difficulties associated with a data breach.
  • MavBridge Connect™ Web Portal provides easy, secure, web-based access to transaction images, data, and reports allowing quicker, more efficient transaction research.

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