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Why Mavro and OPEX?

Many companies rely on OPEX scanners as their go-to hardware for document imaging. But how does Mavro optimize the scanning process with seamless integration and best-in-class data capture?

Processing software helps to take full advantage of One-Touch Processing efficiencies to save considerable time and labor.

Mavro and OPEX IntegrationOnce documents are scanned, Mavro’s Smart Batching™ takes over to allow the most efficient processing of every transaction type without the need to physically sort or virtually batch. The system is more intelligent and automated everywhere in the workflow. It eliminates extraneous presorting and unnecessary physical movement of documents, and maintains the best possible transaction integrity. Documents are touched once – saving significant time and labor.

What makes for strong integration?

No other company has more experience with OPEX scanners than Mavro Imaging. Several members of our team were previously development leaders at OPEX and on the design group that created OPEX scanning products. We have in-depth knowledge of OPEX scanner features and how to maximize user benefits and device output to the fullest extent.

Apply advanced automation to break bottlenecks and take your company forward.

Mavro named OPEX reseller of the year

The relationship between Mavro and OPEX is longstanding. Mavro has been named reseller of the year several times during our partnership. We collaborate from the sales process through project implementation with clear communication and accessible escalation paths. An extended track record of cooperation and successful installs prevents finger-pointing and ensure successful root cause resolution.


Mavro Imaging is evaluating possible trade shows for 2022. Please check back later this year for event updates.

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