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Support Update: Mavro software not impacted by Log4j vulnerability

Support Update: Mavro software not impacted by Log4j

The Mavro Support Team can assure customers that Mavro software does not use Java or the Log4j package. As such, there should be no vulnerability on the Mavro application.

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What is the Log4j vulnerability?

The vulnerability is found in Log4j, an open-source logging library used by apps and services across the internet. Logging is a process that applications use to keep a running list of activities they have performed which can be reviewed later in case of error. Nearly every network security system runs some kind of logging process, which gives popular libraries like Log4j enormous reach.

If exploited, the vulnerability allows remote code execution on vulnerable servers, giving an attacker the ability to import malware that would completely compromise machines. While the scope of this vulnerability is widespread and the cybersecurity world is working to mitigate exploits, concerned customers can be assured that the Mavro application does not use Java or Log4j and is therefore not impacted.

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