Public Service Electric & Gas

Public Service Electric and Gas Company (PSE&G), one of the largest combined electric and gas companies in the U.S., serves 1.8 million gas and 2.2 million electric customers in over 300 New Jersey communities. PSE&G receives an average of 50,000 mail payments per day and over 100,000 payments on peak days. In addition to receiving payments at their main processing center, PSE&G also receives payments at 24 remote locations. Although the PSE&G payment processing system was highly automated, management constantly tries to improve efficiency, but was finding that the constraints of a legacy system were making improvements difficult. Changes to the system were expensive and time consuming, and management often found that their processes had to be adapted to the limitations of the legacy software rather than having the software conform to PSE&G’s needs.

After a comprehensive evaluation of three vendors, PSE&G turned to Mavro Imaging to implement a new system. The Mavro and PSE&G combined team worked closely to design an end-to-end system based solely on MavBridge™ software and which integrates existing Opex Eagle and AS-Series scanners. The new Mavro system, utilizing a streamlined, image-based workflow, handles all transaction types, including clean singles, multis, check only and correspondence, without the need for special exception handing.

The vastly improved workflow in a system specifically tailored to meet PSE&G’s needs, far less rejects, and a smaller hardware footprint all mean that PSE&G is realizing an immediate return on its investment. And the flexibility of software created using the most advanced tools ensures that PSE&G’s requested changes can be implemented efficiently and effectively.

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