Bank Of Kentucky (BB&T)

The Bank of Kentucky, now acquired by BB&T Bank, provides financial services to individuals, businesses, and organizations located throughout Kentucky and Ohio and enthusiastically takes on the challenges of complex transaction processing and customized solutions that other institutions often avoid. The system the bank was using for its lockbox processing operation was beginning to age and the Treasury Team was looking to identify a replacement system that would automate many of the manual procedures required for transaction processing while maintaining the flexibility and customization opportunities the manual processes allowed.

After extensive collaboration with bank personnel, the Mavro Team designed a solution based on MavBridge™ Lockbox Software and Opex hardware, including two AS7200i extractor/scanners and one AS180 scanner. The new system provides complete MavBridge™ One-Touch Processing. Transactions are touched only once when they are extracted and scanned. In turn, the MavBridge™ Software handles every transaction type and every conceivable exception.

The Bank of Kentucky is already achieving their cost reduction goal of 25%, and using the extensive performance monitoring and reporting capabilities built into the system to evaluate operator performance and set standards, even further improvements are expected. With a new MavBridge ™ Consolidated Returns sofware module in place, The Bank of Kentucky now has the most efficient returned check processing capability of any institution in the industry, further enhancing their reputation for exceptional service.

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What the Bank of Kentucky Is Saying

“In one word, the Mavro Team is exceptional. They listened to us and were willing to do things they had never done before.”