Expert Opex Integration

As an Opex Reseller of the Year, Mavro Imaging has a strong partnership with Opex and is able to interface with all Opex scanners. The Mavro team has been involved in more installations of Opex scanners than any other solution provider, across numerous applications and industries.

Our wealth of experience means that we can seamlessly integrate your Opex scanners into a Mavro system and ensures that the scanners will be tuned for optimal system performance.

Let the experts at Mavro show you how the quality products from Opex can be coupled with software from Mavro to provide uniquely capable and efficient remittance and document processing systems.

  • Opex Falcon Series

    falcon-red-productFalconRED and FalconV RED scanners allow operators to open, prep, and scan the contents of envelopes, all on a single platform and at significantly faster rates than can be achieved using a multi-step process. They are designed to attack the most difficult and daunting of digital mail center workflow challenges.
    The Falcon and FalconV scanners combine Opex’s innovative one-step drop feed scanning with the performance of a high-capacity production scanner. They scan everything from single sheets to multiple large stacks of paper intermixed.
    Falcon Transportable, designed for mobile scanning operations, combines Opex’s innovative one-step drop feed scanning technology with the performance of a high-capacity production scanner.
  • Opex AS7200 Series

    OPEX AS7200iThe AS7200i high-volume production scanner with integrated mail extraction is the world’s most efficient out-of-the-envelope scanning platform. By combining mail opening and extraction with image capture, the AS7200i operator only touches the paper once to open, extract, and capture. This translates to significantly less paper handling, fewer labor-intensive tasks, and lower operational costs.
    The AS7200t is a document capture workstation. Documents can be fed intermixed through a unique multi-function feeder that is capable of handling the widest range of sizes, shapes, and thicknesses. The AS7200t is perfect for applications such as backfile conversion, accounting, and out-of-the-folder archiving.
  • Opex AS180

    OPEX AS180The AS180 offers streamlined remittance processing at low cost. It is designed to bring industry-leading imaging performance to lower volume operations. With the AS180’s single pass process, funds are available faster with less manual processing and greater productivity. Imaging and recognition occur in conjunction with mail extraction, eliminating a separate first pass process and reducing information management risks.
  • Opex Eagle

    opex_eagle330_170Eagle represents the most efficient, least labor intensive, and most secure processing of remittances available today.  It all begins with unopened mail being loaded on the feed conveyor and ends with the presentation of checks and documents sorted for best clearing. Higher throughput, more decisioning power, greater ease of service, and workflow compression make Eagle the best choice for processing remittance mail.

  • Speed, quality, and the ability to handle the widest range of documents make Opex scanners an ideal input to a Mavro payment or document processing system.
  • A Mavro system can readily accept input from any Opex scanner.
  • Opex scanners are ideal for establishing a “One-Touch” processing solution that allows all transaction types to be scanned intermixed without the expensive hand sorting typically required for processing mixed transaction types and exceptions.
  • With our in-depth knowledge of Opex equipment, we can recommend the right combination of Opex equipment to work with your Mavro system and ideally meet your needs.
  • Our close working relationship with Opex means that Mavro and Opex will act as a team to get your scanners installed and operational quickly and efficiently.
  • Mavro’s thorough understanding of Opex equipment allows us to adjust the scanner setup and the Mavro software configuration for optimum system performance.
  • Once your system is operational, if a service issue arises with the Opex/Mavro interface, Opex and Mavro will work together to promptly resolve the issue with no finger pointing or delays.

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