Document Imaging

In spite of the endless predictions for a paperless world, organizations continue to generate, receive, and store large volumes of paper documents. A Mavro system provides the tools and flexibility you need to capture, process, and store a wide variety of paper-based transactions in the most cost-effective manner.

Our “One-Touch” processing, advanced recognition, and Smart Batching™ technologies let you scan intermixed transaction types without the need for presorting. The system will automatically recognize each transaction type and use Smart Batching™ to process each transaction appropriately in an image-based workflow.

With its image enhancement features, remittance and forms processing technologies, and unique system interface capabilities, a Mavro system can extract data from any type of document, validate the data, and export it to any legacy or downstream system as needed.

MavBridge Connect™ Web Portal software stores the images and data from all processed transactions and makes them easily accessible to system users. Users can access the portal via any standard web browser and use basic or advanced search functions to find exactly the transactions they want.

A combination of flexibility and advanced features means that the Mavro experts can design a system to meet your most complex document imaging needs.

  • “One-Touch” processing and Smart Batching™ allow intermixed transaction types to be scanned together, without the need for time consuming presorting procedures.
  • Advanced recognition, barcode reading, keying, and on-the-fly templating capabilities for easy data extraction.
  • Point-and-click and rope-and-zone Intelligent OCR capabilities facilitate processing transactions with lists.
  • A Mavro system can import data from virtually any file, database, scanner, fax, or email and can export data to any downstream file, database, or other system.
  • MavBridge™ Dashboard software lets managers monitor every aspect of system health including volume, throughput, and scanning time information.
  • MavBridge Smart Track™ software tracks both electronic and paper batches from cradle to grave ensuring that you know the location and status of every batch at all times.
  • Extensive redaction capabilities, full system data encryption, and comprehensive auditing ensure that customer information is protected and satisfy the most stringent data security needs.
  • MavBridge Connect™ Web Portal software provides easy, web-based access to stored document images.
  • Elimination of hand operations and more efficient image-based workflows result in substantial cost savings.
  • Image-based workflows eliminate shuffling paper from department to department.
  • Greater processing efficiency allows more documents to be processed in less time.
  • With MavBridge™ Dashboard software, managers always know the exact status of their operation, letting them assign resources where needed and identify issues before they become major problems.
  • MavBridge Smart Track™ cradle-to-grave tracking eliminates the headaches that can be caused by lost paper documents or by batches that were destroyed before being fully processed.
  • Encryption, configurable access restrictions, redaction, and flexible audit trail options dramatically reduce security concerns.
  • MavBridge Connect™ Web Portal saves time and increases customer satisfaction by providing quicker access to transactions for research.

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