Claims & X-Ray Processing

For any organization that receives a variety of different claim forms, processing can be a labor-intensive, expensive proposition. Prep work usually includes manually sorting incoming documents into piles of single and multiple page claims with and without attachments, correspondence, and numerous other categories. When multiple claims and attachments are encountered, additional work is needed to insert separators that define claim boundaries.

And if the claims include both printed and film X-rays, you know about the extra time-consuming steps required to process the X-rays that can’t easily be captured on a typical document scanner. Often, each X-ray must be placed in a special envelope, with matching barcode stickers applied to the envelope and claim to allow for later physical retrieval.

Mavro and OPEX have collaborated to design a “One-Touch” system that streamlines the processing of dental and medical claim forms and X-rays. This unique processing system allows all claim types to be scanned on an OPEX scanner in the sequence they are received, without complicated manual presorting. Both printed and film X-rays are handled by the One-Touch scanning process, with no need for special envelopes, stickers, or physical storage.

Each scanned document goes to automated classification in the Mavro system where most are automatically recognized, and any remaining documents flow to an efficient image review process. Next, Mavro’s electronic Smart Batching™ technology automatically routes each claim through the workflow in a manner appropriate for the claim type. Document Control Numbers are electronically imprinted on each document image, and pure, sorted batches are released to the downstream claims processing system.

MavBridge™ Dashboard software lets managers monitor the overall performance of the system and gives them the specific information they need to effectively handle daily fluctuations.

The MavBridge™ software platform coupled with OPEX scanners represents a seamless, powerful solution that can handle virtually any claim type.

  • “One-Touch” processing and Smart Batching™ allow incoming mail with intermixed claim types to be extracted and scanned together, without the need for time consuming presorting procedures.
  • Film X-rays included in a claim can be scanned on the the OPEX scanners right along with the paper documents, and the resulting images from the X-rays are automatically added to the document images.
  • The Mavro system includes all of the capabilities you would expect when processing claim forms: OCR, ICR, barcode reading, mark sense, and the ability to deal with drop out printing.
  • The Mavro system can import data from virtually any file, database, scanner, fax, or email and can export data to any downstream file, database, or other system.
  • Extensive redaction capabilities, full system data encryption, and comprehensive auditing ensure that customer information is protected and satisfy the most stringent data security needs.
  • MavBridge™ Dashboard software lets managers monitor every aspect of system health including volume, throughput, and scanning time information.
  • Elimination of hand presorting operations and more efficient image-based workflows result in substantial cost savings.
  • Ability to easily handle both paper and film X-rays eliminates special processing, storage, and retrieval costs.
  • Greater processing efficiency allows more claims to be processed in less time.
  • Encryption, configurable access restrictions, redaction, and flexible audit trail options dramatically reduce security concerns.
  • With MavBridge™ Dashboard software, managers always know the exact status of their operation, letting them assign resources where needed and identify issues before they become major problems.
  • With MavBridge™ Image Studio software, claim forms can be easily and quickly configured with rules that expedite processing and minimize manual data entry.

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