MavBridge Connect Web Portal

MavBridge Connect™ Web Portal is an automated web-based application that supplies rapid, enterprise-level access for researching transactions and data captured by an image-based remittance or document processing system. Connect™ makes access to your stored images as simple as using a web browser.

Connect™ provides methods for searching all previously processed transactions including all transaction types. Transactions are indexed by a number of standard fields, and custom fields can be added as needed. An unlimited number of users can access the portal at once via any standard web browser, and the graphical interface is exceptionally simple for any operator to use. A basic single day or date range search can be initiated with just a few clicks of the mouse. Advanced search capabilities let researchers quickly combine a number of search criteria to find exactly the transactions they seek.

In remittance processing operations, Connect’s workflow capabilities allow stored transactions to be queued for post deposit action. For example, transactions may be tagged during processing as including a note from the customer that requires follow up action.  Once processing and deposit are complete, the tagged transactions can be automatically added to a “note included – action required” queue in Connect™. An operator can access this queue at a convenient later time, make any necessary customer calls to address the concerns expressed in the notes, and then mark the transactions as complete.

In a lockbox operation, Connect’s workflow capabilities allow operators to make exception transactions easily available to a lockbox client for decisioning. The client can simply access the exceptions via a web browser and quickly return processing decisions or other required information to the lockbox operator.

Of course, with data security concerns constantly increasing, Connect™ includes an array of security features. Access to Connect™ is password protected and can be integrated with Active Directory. Sensitive customer data can be redacted, and specified users can be prohibited from viewing content at multiple levels, including jobs, documents, and data fields. If desired, Connect’s internal database can be encrypted using industry standard AES (Advanced Encryption Standard), with either 128 or 256 bit keys.

Connect™ is a powerful, secure, yet easy-to-use tool that will meet your demanding transaction research and workflow needs.

  • Easy-to-use basic and advanced search capabilities provide a method for searching all previously processed transactions, including all transaction types.
  • Can be accessed by multiple users via any standards-compliant web browser.
  • A print feature is supported directly; images and data can be printed, saved, and emailed.
  • Standard index fields include processing date, batch number, transaction number, page name, account number, and check account number. Custom fields can be added as required.
  • Includes features to support access by external clients when used in a lockbox operation.
  • Workflow capabilities allow post deposit processing of transactions that include things such as a note from the customer.
  • Workflow capabilities allow lockbox operators to easily present exceptions to clients for decisioning.
  • Allows external systems to easily retrieve images and data via Direct URL.
  • Allows for multiple levels of security. Certain users can be prohibited from viewing content at multiple levels – jobs, documents, and data fields – or secure data can be completely and permanently redacted.
  • Can be hosted within a DMZ, so no images or data are stored in a forward-facing web server.
  • A retention period can be specified. Images and data older than the retention period are automatically purged.
  • Reports can also be stored in the Connect™ Web Portal. Retention periods for the reports can be configured.
  • Scaling is limited only by the amount of available disk space.
  • MavBridge Connect™ is exceptionally cost efficient. Web-based access makes it very easy to deploy and training requirements are minimal.
  • Connect™ stores transaction images and data in its own internal database, eliminating the need for an expensive external database or time-consuming external database maintenance.
  • Shortens the time needed to do research by providing rapid access to specific transactions based on an array of standard and custom index fields.
  • The ability to print and email transaction images and data eliminates the need to shuffle paper between departments.
  • Connect™ workflow’s post deposit processing capabilities limit the need to hold up transactions during normal processing, thus minimizing deposit delays.
  • Connect™ workflow’s ability to quickly present exception transactions to lockbox clients for decisioning minimizes processing delays and increases client satisfaction.
  • Encryption, configurable access restrictions, redaction, and flexible audit trail options dramatically reduce security concerns and support PCI compliance.
  • Direct URL access can reduce the costs typically associated with interfacing to an external system.