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Anytime, Anywhere with Mobile Capture

Mavro Mobile Capture

More than ever before, your customers, clients, and donors want added flexibility to make check payments – at any time, from any place. But what about security concerns, deposit delays and maintaining a high-level of customer satisfaction? Adding Mobile Capture capability to your MavBridge™ solution is the easy answer.

Reaching beyond the mailroom

Using industry-leading technology, MavBridge ensures check image quality is optimized and all necessary information – check amount, date, signature and MICR line data – is present and precisely captured. The system then validates a flexible and configurable set of business rules to ensure the check can be deposited.

Two-way communication with the remote deposit mobile application is established to constantly and accurately update the user with check status. Should any processing issue occur, the check is identified as an exception within MavBridge, flagged as a priority item, and automatically forwarded to a designated staff member for prompt resolution.

This tight integration happens in real-time to provide the best possible user experience, all while leveraging your remittance processing system already in place.

More than just checks

While Mavro’s Mobile Capture functionality is a great way to deposit checks from virtually any remote location, the benefits do not end there. Use Mobile Capture to image items such as coupons, forms, IDs, invoices and a host of other documents. As more work is performed outside of traditional offices, the need for integrated image and data capture only grows.

In today’s world, security is especially critical. Mavro’s end-to-end encryption extends out to the mobile device. Accordingly, all images and data remain secure from the moment of capture, throughout processing and deposit.

Adding Mobile Capture as another input source into your MavBridge solution means you can take full advantage of the other modules already in the system. Image enhancement, Smart Batching™, Connect™ Web Portal, productivity monitoring and more can all be leveraged from a single, integrated platform.


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