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Introducing Instant Encryption

Companies are susceptible without complete workflow security.
Organizations handling payments and critical documents know the difficulties of securing sensitive data. Behind the pain of hacking and data breaches is the daunting task of preventing threats. Often times, there are so many systems at play that the patchwork of solutions leaves holes that can be exploited.

Now Mavro has the answer… True End-to-End Encryption.

Mavro has long provided some of the strongest encryption available, but it wasn’t enabled until data hit the MavBridge™ software. Now, with advanced OPEX scanner integration, encryption occurs the instant documents are scanned. Extended encryption provides companies complete workflow security.

This development means sensitive data is protected from the point of imaging on the scanner through long-term archive storage. Processing center managers can now achieve full compliance using one encryption package across their entire operation.

Breach Prevention Benefits

  • Highest level of security from a single application
  • Convenient, automatic encryption-compliance management across scanners, workflow, system logging and storage
  • Low cost application with high value when compared to the cost of even one breach
  • Save compliance cost with free Mavro upgrades


Mavro Imaging is evaluating possible trade shows for 2022. Please check back later this year for event updates.

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