The demands of processing donations in the form of checks, credit cards, and cash, along with capturing diverse information – prayer requests, gifts, book subscriptions, address changes, etc. – from numerous documents is further complicated by ever-changing project codes and inconsistent scan lines, perhaps creating the most challenging of all environments.

With Mavro’s proprietary Smart Batching™ technology, the extensive pre-sorting procedures often required in a nonprofit operation are eliminated. All transaction types are scanned together into a single batch, and after transaction classification, Smart Batching™ will process each transaction appropriately in an image-based workflow. Clean transactions can be accelerated, while exceptions are routed for additional processing, either before or after funds are deposited.

An unparalleled ability to import data from other systems supports flexible data validation and account number or other lookups. And a Mavro system can easily pass extracted data to any downstream accounting system or donor database.

The experts at Mavro can provide document design advice, often suggesting simple changes that will yield significant increases in system efficiency. And they can use Mavro’s Image Studio software to set up each document type within the processing system so that it will be reliably recognized and processed.

With customer data security a paramount concern, Mavro’s security features stand out. Automatic or manual redaction of check, credit card, or other sensitive customer information, a full audit log, and automatic encryption of all confidential site data ensure customer privacy and support PCI compliance.

A Mavro solution has the built-in features and exceptional flexibility required for any nonprofit operation.

  • Automatically classify documents without hand-sorting, and route priority transactions such as high-dollar donations for special processing.
  • MavBridge Smart Track™ software allows the physical tracking of checks and automated scheduling and auditing of check destruction to fulfill compliance requirements.
  • Extensive redaction capabilities, full system data encryption, and comprehensive auditing ensure that customer information is protected and satisfy the most stringent data security needs, including PCI.
  • Easy integration with donor databases such as Blackbaud, Raiser’s Edge, DonorDirect, and others.
  • Image Studio software makes it easy to set up the system to automatically recognize documents from different campaigns.
  • MavBridge™ Workflow Monitor software includes real-time monitoring and statistical tracking capabilities to ensure that you always know how your system is operating.
  • Complete Image Cash Letter (ICL) and ACH ARC processing outputs files for one bank or multiple banks as required.
  • Support for automated processing of ICL and ACH ARC formatted electronic bank return files.
  • Post-dated Canadian cheque processing.
  • MavBridge Connect™ Web Portal software stores transaction images, transaction data, and reports, making them easily available via any standard web browser. Stored transactions are automatically purged on a customizable schedule.
  • Implementing an image-based, “One-Touch” solution from Mavro saves time, lowers costs, and eases the burden of meeting regulatory requirements.
  • Captures key donor information quickly and accurately and outputs data to any downstream system.
  • Image Cash Letter (ICL) and ACH ARC electronic deposit eliminates the need for transporting physical checks to the bank and speeds funds availability.
  • Automated processing of ICL and ACH ARC formatted electronic bank return files increases operational efficiency.
  • With MavBridge Smart Track™, each check is guaranteed to be processed and deposited. Already processed checks cannot be mistakenly re-deposited.
  • Our experience with custom deployments interfacing with multiple databases means that we can quickly implement a solution based on our working knowledge gained at many other sites.
  • Timely, high-quality processing of donations by a Mavro system safeguards donor retention.
  • Security features protect donor data and avoid the difficulties associated with a data breach.
  • Comprehensive monitoring and reporting capabilities guarantee that your system will run at peak efficiency and quality.
  • MavBridge Connect™ Web Portal provides easy, secure, web-based access to transaction images, data, and reports, allowing quicker, more efficient transaction research.

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