The typical fulfillment operation receives an array of payment and form types, many of which are not just simple transactions. Forms not only contain typical customer information but also include marketing campaign options such as subscriptions, premium redemptions, and even surveys. The need to capture this data in its different forms and to consistently react to it when processing a payment can often result in a fractured and labor-intensive process.

With Mavro’s Smart Batching™ technology, payments for all different types of orders are scanned together, eliminating tedious hand sorting. The Mavro software takes this unstructured stream, recognizes the document images included in each transaction, and uses Smart Batching™ to process each transaction appropriately in an image-based workflow. Simple orders with properly balanced payments can automatically be routed directly to your order entry and accounting systems, and exception type payments, such as ones with handwritten requests, can be routed to an operator for image-based interaction.

Advanced Recognition Technology identifies different document and campaign types and locates and extracts information such as customer account numbers, quantities, and order numbers. For survey type documents, our Image Studio software makes it easy to set up the system to automatically recognize a survey and extract the data.

Automatic or manual redaction of check, credit card, or other sensitive customer information, a full audit log, and automatic encryption of all confidential site data ensure customer privacy and support PCI compliance.

A Mavro solution has the features and functionality to best meet the challenges posed by any fulfillment environment.

  • Advanced document recognition capabilities and Smart Batching™ technology allow incoming mail with intermixed transaction types to be extracted and scanned together, without the need for time consuming pre-sorting procedures.
  • CAR/LAR supports automatic reading of check amounts and comparison to suggested payment amounts.
  • Forms processing capabilities support data capture from customer orders.
  • Customizable workflows allow simple payments and exceptions to be properly routed for the most efficient processing.
  • Extensive redaction capabilities, full system data encryption, and comprehensive auditing ensure that customer information is protected and satisfy the most stringent data security needs, including PCI.
  • Mavro software’s ability to seamlessly interface with virtually any downstream system yields tight integration with accounting and order processing systems.
  • Complete Image Cash Letter (ICL) and ACH ARC processing and integration outputs files for one bank or multiple banks as required.
  • Support for automated processing of ICL and ACH ARC formatted electronic bank return files.
  • Post-dated Canadian cheque processing.
  • MavBridge™ Dashboard software includes real-time monitoring and statistical tracking capabilities to ensure that you always know how well your system is running.
  • MavBridge Connect™ Web Portal software stores transaction images, transaction data, and reports, making them easily available via any standard web browser. Stored transactions are automatically purged on a customizable schedule.
  • Elimination of tedious hand sorting, the efficiencies of an image-based workflow and tight integration with accounting and order entry systems ensure a compelling ROI.
  • Image enhancement eliminates rescans and rejects of money orders and gel pen handwritten documents.
  • Faster order processing increases your customer satisfaction.
  • Comprehensive monitoring and reporting capabilities guarantee that your system will run at peak efficiency and quality.
  • Multiple Image Cash Letter (ICL) and ACH ARC output files eliminate the need for transporting physical checks to the bank and speed funds availability.
  • Automated processing of ICL and ACH ARC formatted electronic bank return files increases operational efficiency.
  • Security features protect customer data and avoid the difficulties associated with a data breach.
  • MavBridge Connect™ Web Portal provides easy, secure, web-based access to transaction images, data, and reports allowing quicker, more efficient transaction research.

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