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OPEX Corporation is a recognized global technology leader in document imaging and high-speed mailroom automation. Today, OPEX systems are installed in Financial Services, Healthcare, Government, Nonprofit, Utility, Service Bureau, Insurance, Telecommunications, and University/Educational marketplaces around the world.

The Mavro team has been involved in more installations of OPEX scanners than any other solution provider, across numerous applications and industries. Learn more about Mavro’s expert OPEX integration.


Silver Bullet develops software applications including the Ranger® Transport API, a software integration tool that supports a wide variety of document and check scanners. Integrating Ranger® into Mavro systems means that we can concentrate on providing the features and functionality our customers want, while knowing that we can reliably and dependably interface with many devices.

Mavro leverages Ranger’s diverse capabilities to extend our leadership in the industry.  You can learn more about Silver Bullet here.

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