Intelligent Check Separation

Mavro Imaging is the innovator in “Intelligent Check Separation” technology, which eliminates the need for operators to manually separate the check portion of full page business checks. Transactions that include a full page business check are simply scanned with no manual separation required. After scanning, MavBridge™ software will recognize any transaction that includes a full page business check and will determine the location of the check within the page.

The software will automatically separate the page into two virtual documents – a check and a coupon. The virtual check will only include the area of the page that comprises the check information. The virtual coupon will only include a partial image of the “check skirt” without the check. Alternatively, an image of the full page can be retained as the virtual coupon with the area containing the check information whited out, or the check information can be left in place on the virtual coupon and watermarked.

The virtually separated check and virtual coupon are processed in the same manner as a normal coupon/check transaction.

Mavro’s Intelligent Check Separation highlights a true benefit of system automation, taking a manual job that no one enjoys and making it a simple, easy, and more efficient operation.

  • Elimination of manual separation results in a dramatic decrease in the time needed to process full page business checks, a faster processing operation, and a significant decrease in labor costs.
  • Electronic separation eliminates the poor and skewed tears frequently associated with manual separation, reducing scanner feed problems and jams and increasing image quality.
  • Employee satisfaction is increased by eliminating a task operators don’t enjoy doing.
  • Damaged check returns to the customer are dramatically reduced.
  • Bank returns of unreadable checks are reduced.

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