In Touch Ministries

In Touch programs reach more than 2,600 radio and television outlets in more than 50 languages, and the ministry produces materials that reach more than 1.5 million households every month. The In Touch mail processing operation receives many types of transactions, such as donations, prayer requests, campaign responses, teaching letter responses, and correspondence with and without gifts.

Because their legacy system would not let them view entire document images, they had to hand open, read, and hand code each document before scanning the transactions. Limits such as these meant that the batches of mail received each day could take as many as three or four days to completely process, resulting in significant delays in depositing funds and responding to requests for ministry.

With their Mavro system, a large majority of the mail is now processed the same day, expediting both deposits and In Touch’s response to simple written requests. During the end of year peak period, In Touch would frequently need as many as 15 volunteers to help process mail with their legacy system – now they need one. And using the Mavro system has become a “job system operators love.”

You can click the button below to download the full success story. Also, our partners at Opex recently issued an interesting blog post with another perspective on the In Touch operation. You can read the post here.

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What In Touch is Saying

“I have an IT background, and I’ve seen implementations that did not go well. The Mavro implementation was a highlight of my career. I can hardly put into words how great it is to have such a ‘we’re in this with you’ relationship.”