MavBridge X9 Viewer

At Mavro Imaging, we continuously strive to provide extra value for our customers and partners. In keeping with this philosophy, we are pleased to offer a free download of our advanced X9 Viewer software. The Viewer lets you easily open standard X9 electronic exchange files, lets you view the checks and data in the files, and includes an X9 file validation tool.

▼ Download X9 Viewer.

The free MavBridge™ X9 Viewer is fully functional. There’s no trial or expiration period for the MavBridge™ X9 Viewer; it’s yours to use free forever.

The Viewer supports the following X9 formats:

  • X9.37-2003
  • X9.100-180
  • X9.100-187
  • Universal Companion Document (UCD) v1 

Version and Operating System

The current version of the X9 Viewer software is 4.6.3. The software will run on computers equipped with a current Windows operating system.

View “Return” files too!

For any company using Image Cash Letter (ICL) electronic deposit, viewing the rejected checks in a “return file” from the bank has been a headache. There was no easy way to see the type 31 return records in the file or to decipher the cryptic return reasons.

The Mavro X9 Viewer also lets you easily open a check return file, view the checks in the file, and see the check return reasons. You can view both the front and rear images of each check in the file, ensuring that you can see printed audit trails on the checks and simplifying the task of pulling the checks from physical storage.