MavBridge Core

MavBridge™ Core is the heart of Mavro Imaging’s product suite and provides the framework for the system. It is a service that runs on servers configured with a Microsoft server operating system, such as Windows Server 2003, 2008, 2012. MavBridge™ Core monitors for new batches output by the scanners, imports data from files and other devices or systems, and outputs data in various formats. Physical servers or virtual environments are fully supported.

All business logic, file handling, database accesses, configuration settings, security validation, logging, etc., is performed centrally by the MavBridge™ Core service. The service is a single instance responsible for all administration, workflow, and data validation/management. Other Mavro client modules connect to this central service. By using this approach, users never have direct access to confidential data, nor do they need access to shared drives. This approach ensures that users can only perform actions that they are authorized to perform. Similarly, it allows the system to centrally monitor and audit all accesses to the system.

MavBridge™ Core supports a modularized system structure, meaning that as your needs change, additional Mavro software modules can easily be configured and added to the system. With Core at its heart, your Mavro system will be flexible, expandable, and secure.

  • Unparalleled ability to import images from a variety of sources, such as OPEX, IBML, and TWAIN scanners, fax servers, email, and print streams, from any location connected via the network without the need for custom programming.
  • Additional input sources such as multi-function peripherals (MFPs) and folders with images and data in various formats can be used.
  • Has the ability to read all file formats and versions.
  • Provides a very flexible mechanism for creating output files. Files can be created in a variety of formats, including text, CSV, and XML, and can be output to ODBC-compliant databases. Outputs are completely configurable with no custom code required.
  • Can output simultaneously to multiple systems.
  • Mavro Client software (Keying Station, Dashboard) communicates with the MavBridge Core service using standard TCP/IP connections. The system uses a lightweight, proprietary protocol, allowing for efficient communication between client and server.
  • Ability to interface with widest range of upstream and downstream devices, files, databases, and systems supports integration with legacy systems, simplifying implementations and lowering costs.
  • Central management of user access and monitoring ensures a secure system and meets stringent auditing requirements.
  • Modular architecture supports scalability allowing you to expand your system as your needs increase.