Image-Based Keying

Key Features

  • Functionality such as auto field zooming lets operators quickly locate data fields for keying.
  • Enhanced Manual Classification UI includes a user-friendly “Filmstrip” at the top, showing thumbnails of all pages in the transaction and surrounding items.
  • Provides the ability to “Skip” a difficult transaction during keying, and return to it later, either by the same operator or by a supervisor.
  • “Interactive OCR” and “Rope and Zone” features make it easy to enter information that changes position from document to document.
  • A convenient grid entry structure makes it easy to enter data for documents with multiple payments such as “check and lists.”
  • Simplified transaction balancing with visual cues.
  • Extensive list of documented keyboard shortcuts.

Key Benefits

  • Optimized keying efficiency allows more documents to be processed in less time.
  • Easy-to-use keying features and visual cues simplify the training of new keyers and let them quickly gain proficiency.
  • Easier, more intuitive keying promotes better data integrity.