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Scan & Process from Any Location

Mavro Remote Capture Capability

Optimizing your high-volume central processing facility with an innovative solution like Mavro’s One-Touch processing isn’t the only impact you can make for improving efficiencies. Now, additional volumes of documents from branch or satellite offices, and even home offices, can be integrated to leverage the optimized digital workflows in place for corporate mailroom or central operations.

Remote capture allows government offices, utility locations, financial services, insurance agencies and other organizations with moderate processing volumes to automate deposits and process documents using common desktop scanners. Simply because a branch office doesn’t have the number of transactions to warrant large-scale scanning, doesn’t mean it can’t seamlessly connect to the centralized hub and efficiently process the same way.

Process Isolated Documents,
Save Time and Money

Remote capture eliminates express mail and courier costs many organizations bear. Being able to process stranded items saves critical time and improves customer satisfaction. Mavro’s remote capture solution is scalable from one to thousands of branch locations. You can now seamlessly integrate every location within your enterprise into a common, centralized workflow.


Mavro Imaging is evaluating possible trade shows for 2022. Please check back later this year for event updates.

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