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One-Touch Processing for Efficiency

Traditional processing requires numerous staff and multiple touches. They stamp receive dates, order pages, insert separators, add batch headers and more. All of these prep tasks are fundamentally non-value-added. They satisfy the needs of the scanner, not your company, and they cost considerable time and labor.

The Problem with Traditional Processing:
Do the Math

One-Touch Processing is Efficiency Made Easy

Utilizing Mavro software with an OPEX scanner, operators simply open the envelope, drop and scan the contents. Eliminating traditional document prep, Mavro’s One-Touch Processing solution does all the work to automatically establish transaction boundaries and enables the processing of an unlimited mixture of documents in a single image-based workflow.

    • Create a leaner approach
      One-Touch Processing eliminates preparation time plus post-scanning and rescanning efforts.
    • Eliminate risk from paper movement
      One-Touch Processing is safer because paper is made into images immediately. This means that paper is no longer passed around from person-to-person and department-to-department. Additionally, images are secured with encryption during scanning, eliminating privacy and security concerns.
    • Process more work with less staff
      One-Touch Processing allows you to process 50% more and repurpose staff to do more value-added activities.

Automate Your Documents

No matter what type of documents you need to process, pairing Mavro’s One-Touch Processing solution with your OPEX scanner allows you to drive improved efficiency, accuracy and control.


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