Working at Mavro

Mavro Imaging is a challenging and fun place to work. Our success is built on a team of talented individuals with extensive industry experience, credentials, and education. All of us work hard to produce creative, yet practical, solutions.

Mavro Corporate-Wide Retreat

Our Mavericks at the 2018 Mavro Corporate-Wide Retreat in the Nashville, TN


Views from the Mavro Team

Here’s what some of our team members have to say about working at Mavro:

Amanda Hales-Filey - Sales Executive

“Working at Mavro means that I proudly represent an industry-leading suite of innovative products, while collaborating with top-notch people in our field.  And being part of a company that values employees and a healthy balance of family and work life has been a refreshing change for me. The respect and admiration I have for each and every one of my fellow Mavericks makes me look forward to going to work every day.”

Ed Giallombardo - Principal Applications Engineer

“Working for Mavro is truly a unique and amazing experience. The company comprises a group of incredibly talented individuals; there’s just no one who is average or mediocre. With this high density of talent, we are able to do the work of groups five times larger quickly, efficiently, and with great quality. The internal support and cooperation is like nothing I’ve ever experienced with previous organizations and a key to our continued success.”

Eric Wilson - Senior Software Engineer

“Working at Mavro is great because our team is extraordinary.  Mavro consistently impresses me with their ability to gather the very best staff from this industry and mold them into a tremendous team.  Our customer-centric focus means each customer gets a unique solution specifically tailored to their workflow.  This focus on what is best for each individual customer translates into a constantly evolving set of new features and improvements to all our products, which means there is never a dull day at the office!”    

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