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Mavro has supplied payment processing, data capture, and document imaging solutions across a wide variety of applications and industries including Retail/Wholesale Lockbox, Nonprofits, Insurance, Fulfillment, Utilities, Service Bureaus, and Government. Our team has participated in hundreds of installations throughout the US and Canada. Our depth of experience means we understand your industry-specific concerns and design solutions tuned to your particular needs.

The array of features available on a Mavro system means that we can easily assemble an industry-oriented feature set. For example, in a high-volume Utility payment environment, our “One-Touch Processing” feature can eliminate the expensive hand sorting frequently associated with different payment types or exceptions, and our Dashboard software lets managers monitor every aspect of the system in real time, spotting any potential backups and reassigning resources before a problem develops. For nonprofit organizations, a Mavro system can automatically identify the many different payment types frequently seen in a nonprofit environment, route them to the appropriate image-based workflow for rapid processing, and interface with any of the donor tracking systems commonly used by nonprofits.

Those are just two examples of how a Mavro system can be configured to meet a particular industry’s needs. MavBridge™ software modules are part of a dynamic, parameterized software suite that inherently supports highly customized solutions without custom programming. We utilize built-in configuration options and our MavScript language to optimize each installation. This gives Mavro Imaging a unique ability to deliver innovative solutions that mold to industry requirements.

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