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One-Touch Processing for Efficiency

Mavro software and OPEX scanners leverage automation to eliminate manual document prep so you can efficiently process an unlimited mix of documents.

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Why Mavro and OPEX?

Mavro’s OPEX integration delivers solutions beyond the scanner to help companies increase automation and optimize workflows.

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A Year-End Message

We reflect on a year like none other, the challenges, opportunities and future.

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Anytime, Anywhere with Mobile Capture

Take payment everywhere and integrate it directly with your central MavBridge™ processing system. But not just checks, coupons, forms, IDs, invoices and more.

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Scan & Process from Any Location

Remote capture helps branch offices seamlessly connect to the hub by automating deposits and processing documents using common desktop scanners.

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Why Con Edison is Advancing

Con Edison pivoted to remote processing by themselves thanks to the flexibility and security of their Mavro software. They’re now more productive than ever.

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Redefining Remote Capability

We’re giving companies the confidence to keep moving forward amid uncertainty by redefining remote access for implementation, production and added safety.

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Introducing Instant Encryption

Mavro delivers the processing industry’s first end-to-end encryption package.

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Still Manually Handling Return Mail?

We keep hearing people relay their struggles with returned mail. The scene they describe is all too common…

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Mavro Imaging is evaluating possible trade shows for 2022. Please check back later this year for event updates.

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