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Why Con Edison is Advancing

Why Con Edison is Advancing

Long before COVID-19, New York City’s gas and electric utility faced legacy system hurdles that hampered both the speed and accuracy of processing payments. Inefficient 12-server architecture made for risky manual upgrades led by other resources. A redundant workflow required more labor and multiple touches of the same documents. Management meant walking around and following the paper — all of which added up to high operating costs per unit of work.

Smart Decisions for Business Continuity

Con Edison engaged an industry expert which lead to an OPEX evaluation and software assessment. OPEX recommended their FalconTM scanners to streamline Con Edison’s hardware configuration, improve efficiencies and reduce cost. But the key message was that incumbent software was holding them back.

Mavro provided a framework to leverage a fully optimized solution centered on One-Touch Processing. Not only did Mavro’s modern architecture mean upgrades are free and backed by U.S.-based support, but the real cost savings came from avoiding the most manual parts of document prep. By bringing their channels together into one input, Con Edison could apply their business rules for the accuracy of an automated data processing powerhouse.

Tomorrow’s Decentralized Mailroom

When the pandemic hit, Con Edison had a leg up thanks to the built-in capability of their modern Mavro system. Because of no custom coding, Con Edison was able to setup remote access by themselves and leverage MavBridge’s Dashboard to monitor all aspects of employee performance.

With the added efficiencies of remote and the security of their One-Touch platform, Con Edison is assisting other departments beyond remittance processing. They’re now digitizing billing agreements and correspondence while minimizing document circulation throughout the organization. This is preventing infection risk and allowing remote workers to be more productive than ever before.


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