Smart Batching

Payment or document processing centers typically process many different types of transactions. Often, these different types of transactions are received intermixed, and elaborate, time consuming hand opening and sorting procedures have been required to separate the transactions into like types before scanning.

Several years ago, Mavro developed and introduced Virtual Batching™, a technology that allowed all transaction types (singles, multiples, check-only, cash, credit card, correspondence only, etc.) to be scanned and imported into a Mavro system intermixed, with no pre-sorting required. Virtual Batching™ electronically separated the mixed transactions into “virtual batches” of like type and directed each type to the appropriate image-based workflow.

Now, Mavro has introduced Smart Batching™, the next step beyond Virtual Batching™. Smart Batching™ incorporates a unique workflow design that allows operators to process batches containing mixed transaction types much more efficiently and simplifies the tracking of mixed-transaction batches within the system. Smart Batching™ does this while retaining the ability to automatically separate any especially difficult exceptions and route them for additional processing – either before or after funds are deposited.

With Smart Batching™, you will not only see the labor savings associated with eliminating pre-scanning transaction sorting, you will also see significant gains in operator productivity and an enhanced ability to track mixed-transaction batches in the system with less effort and more precision.

Smart Batching™ is an exciting new technology that leapfrogs the batching capabilities provided by any other vendor.

  • With Mavro’s Smart Batching™, elaborate hand opening and pre-sorting procedures are eliminated. All transactions are simply extracted and scanned intermixed.
  • There’s no need to rescan any transactions unrecognized and rejected by the scanner; the Mavro system will automatically categorize them.
  • The Mavro system can categorize transactions based on data lifted from scanned images, something scanners can’t do.
  • Smart Batching™ lets you create flexible queues based on transaction types, set processing tasks based on operator experience, and set the system to process high priority items first.
  • Unusual exceptions can be split into separate small sub-batches and suspended for later processing, avoiding the need to hold up the deposit of an entire batch.
  • Exception transactions can be split into sub-batches after deposit processing is complete and routed to less time sensitive procedures, such as address change resolution.
  • The unique Smart Batching™ workflow simplifies batch tracking within the system and increases operator efficiency.


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