Image Enhancement

The image enhancement features available on a Mavro system are designed to reduce to an absolute minimum the number of times that hard copies of processed documents must be retrieved and reprocessed. Mavro’s image enhancement toolkit includes features such as enhanced binarization, auto-orientation, auto-crop, auto-contrast, de-skew, de-speckle, reduction/removal of background gradients or colors, blank page detection or page removal logic, line removal (both horizontal/vertical), and date/time stamp, all at whatever resolution the system can produce.

The operator enhancement tool provided by MavBridge™ software is an especially popular feature. If an operator encounters a poor quality image from the scanners at any time during processing, he or she can retrieve the original grayscale image and easily make adjusts to it to enhance it. This is especially beneficial for poorly printed money orders, light handwriting, gel pen writing, or damaged documents.

MavBridge™ software also includes a special X9 optimization mode, which de-speckles images at multiple levels to optimize image quality and reduce file size as required by many banks.

Our comprehensive set of image enhancement tools means that a Mavro system will have fewer rejects, better quality X9 files, and greater overall performance.

  • Image enhancement provides a better image for system processing, including automated OCR and CAR/LAR reading, improving system performance.
  • The operators’ ability to enhance selected images maximizes their capacity to decipher difficult documents, minimizing rejects and improving the efficiency of the overall system.
  • For operations that require postmark information for processing, Mavro’s image enhancement technology significantly improves performance by greatly increasing the legibility of postmarks.
  • X9 optimization eliminates the problem of producing X9 files that are unacceptable to the bank and that would result in deposit delays.

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