Image Cash Letter (ICL)

The Mavro team has extensive experience implementing Image Cash Letter (ICL) solutions in the USA and Canada for a wide range of enterprise customers across many applications. Utilizing Mavro’s MavBridge™ software, we can provide the most effective ICL Electronic Bank Deposit solutions for any medium or large business.

ICL provide an efficient means to electronically deposit collected funds, eliminating the need for check encoding and physically transporting paper checks to the bank. With ICL processing by Mavro in place, an electronic “X9” deposit file is created by the Mavro system and transmitted to your bank at the end of the processing day (or more often if you wish).

Mavro’s Electronic Bank Deposit software is easily configurable and supports simultaneous outputs to multiple banks and multiple deposit accounts. We are experts at working with banks to understand their X9 file requirements and creating files that meet those requirements. Our years of experience dealing with both large and small banks ensure that the X9 files generated by your Mavro system will meet your bank’s specifications.

Another significant advantage of implementing electronic bank deposit is that you can receive bank return files (including, for example, payments that are NSF or drawn on closed accounts) in the same electronic format. Mavro offers options for completely automating the processing of  electronic bank return files.

With a Mavro Electronic Bank Deposit solution, you get all of the advantages offered by ICL, plus added capabilities not available from any other vendor.

  • The speed of your funds transfer is greatly enhanced by eliminating the need for check encoding and physically transporting paper checks to the bank.
  • Electronic deposit lowers expenses and increases funds availability.
  • X9 electronic data file transmission is encrypted, providing a much higher level of security than paper check transport.
  • Bank return files can be received in a similar ICL electronic format.
  • Mavro systems support automated processing of ICL electronic bank return files.

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