Resource One

ResourceOne is a full-service direct communications company specializing in providing nonprofit organizations with fundraising, call center, printing, direct mail, caging, data management, and fulfillment services. ResourceOne’s caging staff takes particular pride in its ability to handle the complex processing required by the wide range of nonprofits they service. Dealing with multiple documents from a variety of donation campaigns, complex donation allocations, prayer requests, fulfillment requests, and many other unique circumstances are all in a day’s work. Although the processing operation was very successful and well respected for its flexibility, the manual approach was hampering ResoureOne’s ability to grow as much or as quickly as they desired.

Mavro designed a system for ResourceOne based on two new Opex AS7200i extractor/scanners and a suite of Mavro software modules. The system is truly One-Touch; transactions are handled only once when they are extracted and scanned. The system’s ability to seamlessly interface with ResourceOne’s Bernard donor management database eliminates the need to key from paper, and the image-based workflow provides for data capture and validation without the need for extensive manual quality assurance procedures.

With a Mavro system in place, the improvement in efficiency has led to a dramatic increase in capacity. ResourceOne can handle up to a fourfold increase in volume without experiencing an increase in costs. This positions ResourceOne for the growth they expect given their extensive capabilities and reputation in the industry. And while ROI was a major concern for ResourceOne when deciding to implement a new system, the increases in efficiency and corresponding opportunity to expand their business mean that ResourceOne is exceeding their aggressive ROI targets.

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What People Are Saying

“Recently, I was working on an implementation with another vendor and all I kept thinking was, ‘Why can’t they be like Mavro?’ ”