Questar Gas (Dominion)

Questar Gas, now acquired by Dominion Energy, began serving customers in 1929 and now serves over 900,000 customers in Utah, Wyoming, and Idaho. Questar’s existing system was based on the soon to be sunset Windows XP operating system and a major, and very costly, upgrade was necessary. Given the high costs and low flexibility of the legacy system, reducing expenses and increasing flexibility were core goals for any new implementation.

After careful evaluation of proposals from a number of vendors, Questar chose Mavro. The imminent sunsetting of Windows XP made a quick implementation critical, and Mavro was able to design, install, test, train, and go live within the required 90 day time frame. Questar is seeing immediate benefits from their new MavBridge™ Software solution. One-Touch Processing, Smart Batching™, and Intelligent Check Perfing have eliminated the many manual operations required with the legacy system. Advanced Image Enhancement software has reduced both system and bank rejects for image quality to almost zero, and multiple Enhanced Data Capture Tools make it much easier to process complex check and list payments and grab data from any image to reduce typing. MavBridge™ Dashboard provides real-time status and statistics reporting, allowing management to spot problems or backlogs before they become serious issues, and Mavro’s patented Smart Track™ software tracks every batch from extraction to destruction.

Installation of the new Mavro system allowed Questar to immediately save money by reducing the cost of system maintenance by over 60%, eliminating the need to backfill four FTEs across the departments impacted by the system, and eliminating two servers, five PCs, and one subnet. Perhaps best of all, system upgrades are free, with all software and professional costs covered under the standard maintenance contract. This will save Questar additional thousands of dollars in the future.

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What Questar is Saying

“My relationship with Mavro has been a great experience. During the discovery process, I was so excited hearing what Mavro could do for us that I had a hard time sitting down. They made the implementation both exciting and fun.”